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hello everyone!
lately I have been busy with exams, but this has now stopped.
I want to be more active and to talk about fun stuff.
As a start, I decided to think about some ways to introduce myself.
No, don’t worry, this is NOT another “facts about me” entry (scroll down if you want to see it), it is an article where i will write an informal letter to you talking as if you are my close friends (because you are, right?!). Ok,lets begin!
Dear (your name),
It’s me, Strawberry, I wanted to talk about my life this year.
I’ve been really busy with school and friend dilemmas.
Lately my only escapes from the outside world have been my puppy, my books and writing for fun.
I’m too honest and get called two-faced by girls who are afraid of saying things out loud to their “enemies”.

I am way too kind to people who are all sweet and nice to me in person and backstab me when I’m not present.

Every time I get a bad grade magically everyone in my class knows it.

My two best friends are going to move away next year.

Even though I told you all these things I’m thankful for the gifts that life has given to me:

  1. my brifantasuper family that has always helped and encouraged me even during hard moments.
  2. the best friends I could ever wish for
  3. my super cute and intelligent puppy
  4. all my frienemies that have made me a stronger person
  5. You, dear readers
  6. this small personal space in the internet
  7. books that have encouraged me to enjoy my life.

Yours truly,




  • I will show you more of my photography
  • this blog will slightly change its style and become more personal.
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Role Models

Dear Readers,

I can’t express how sorry I am for my inactivity. I will try to write more often.

Today i would like to talk about role models.

What makes someone a good role model?

A good role model is one who inspires people to act in a positive way. My role model is Hermione Granger, and she is one of the most inspiring fictional characters ever. Even though to some people Hermione’s intellect is unrealistic, she encourages me to work hard and to take school seriously.

Hermione is also a charitable person, she campaigns for elfish welfare and must be a really positive persone to be around.

Me? Books! And cleverness! There are more important things-friendship and bravery.

This quote proves that Miss Granger is a true Gryffindor and that, even though she cares about school, the two qualities she values the most are friendship and bravery.

How  can I choose the perfect role model for me?

To choose the perfect role model for you, I suggest that you pick a specific character you admire and that you look it up on the internet, any fact about him/her will help you create an opinion on him/her.

I’m hoping to do an episode on how to study like Hermione Granger soon!

I really hope this entry inspiresìd you and perhaps helped you with the choice of a role model.

Yours truly,


Fall tips


Hey guys! Yes, I know,  I haven’t been active in months.  I’m so sorry!
To make up for my mistakes I will talk about a really enjoyable subject. .. Fall!
This entry will provide tips for you to create memories and enjoy the season!
1) my first tip would be to always wear a jacket and a scarf in the morning;  this will keep you away from some future colds.
2) make sure to take care of your lips and use a good lip balm  (avene cold cream is really good! )
3)take beautiful pictures and create a season photo album to keep them safe
4) make sure you study, it’s the beginning of the year,  you have to give a good impression
5)during special occasions use a dark lipstick to enhance your fallee  (it’s not even a word ) mood.
6)Go out there,  play with the orange leaves and create permanent memories,  there is nothing better than that!
So… Yeah,  I hope you enjoyed this entry and you learned something from it .
Thank you for reading!
Yours truly,


Hi! Today I am going to give you some tips on how to prepare for a special occasion.  Enjoy!
It is really important to have a clear skin during a special occasion so my tips would be to:

1)either make (I’m gonna post a tutorial) or buy a good face mask
2)moisturize with a quality lotion or cream .
3) rest alot so you will be literally flaw-less
You don’t have to wear makeup, but if you really want to leave it minimal :some clear lip gloss, mascara and eyeshadow  (I don’t really wear makeup so I am not an expert in the zone)
I gave you an example on the top. During that special occasion I was wearing a white embroidered skirt with a black short tank top.
Try  to wear simple clothes, you want to be moderated yet classy and elegant.
                    End of preparation
Finally the moment has come, keep calm,minimal pressure will make everything go well.
Love you girls!  Make sure you follow , like and comment!
I hope your special occasions go well!
Yours truly,
Strawberry xx



Hey guys !

Today I’m going to post something different:my summer evening routine.

I hope you enjoy and… Let’s get started.

  • first of all I eat my dinner (usually pasta/soup, meat/fish , salad and fruit)
  • then i sit on the couch and either watch a movie or an episode of a serie (i’m currently catching up on dance moms).
  • next I chill and talk to my  family for a little bit,
  • I brush my teeth
  • I do my skincare routine (I will write it in my next entry if you want!).
  • I put on my pijamas
  • I turn off the lights and go to sleep.

I hope you enjoyed! bye!

Yours truly,




I actually hope to do a giveaway, let me know if you would like that!

marii! 0054

Hello guys!

Next week is my school’s exam week so I decided to give you some tips on how to study efficiently to get good grades.

  • Use quizlet! This is the perfect app to study having fun
  • For maths I would suggest to ask a teacher, a parent or a tutor to write down some exercises for you to solve.
  • take notes on everything; this will help you learn things easily
  • get alot of sleep: this will help you to memorize things and to use your common sense during tests
  • do revision sheets to practice
  • set yourselves goals and make TO DO lists( ìremember to stick to them!)
  • give yourselves breaks ( after all, YOLO!)


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What to do when you are sick


Hello! I’m so sorry about being so inactive these days, it’s just that I hardly ever have time to post.

I promise I’ll start being active!

I am sick today, so I decided to write some tips on what to do when you are stuck in bed all day long.

  • My first tip is to read a book. I recommend those books: “Harry Potter”, “Anne of Green Gables”, “Little Women” , “A little princess”  and any other classic.
  • My second suggestion would be to keep a diary where you write about how sad you are and how much you hate being sick.
  • Watch a movie! I like to watch fantasy, manga, comedy and well… Everything except for horror!
  • jump on your bed
  • read my blog
  • watch YouTube videos
  • social media (don’t overdo it though!)

I hope you liked my tips and that they were useful. I think I’m going to post this evening.


Yours truly,



Extra information:

  • The classics I wrote about are the ones I really enjoyed, but that doesn’t mean you’ll like them as much as I did
  • I wrote social media last in the list because it is quite boring to me.
  • make sure to become a reader!
  • you can now search my blog on google by typing: “Strawberrys blog”.



I studied ALL day long so I decided to talk about what I think about school.

Believe it or not, without learning anything we won’t have an exciting life. Strange thing to say maybe, but knowledge is like “food” for our brain. If we don’t feed our brain every day, it will, to put it like this, starve. Also, how are we supposed to have a future without knowing anything?

I actually love school; its fun to know new things and test yourself on what you learned. It’s exciting to revise for a test and projects are challenging.

Think it like this: you are going to school for yourself, for your own future and not to please anyone else. Remember, you should love what you do because one day you will be glad of what you have achieved by working hard.

It’s all for today! Bye!

Yours truly,


bannerfans_15404810Hello! As I promised this morning, today I decided to write another entry.

As the title says, I will talk about my experience in blogging as a day two beginner and tell you EXACTLY why I decided to start a blog and why I chose WordPress as my platform.

I have always wanted to be a writer. One day one of my friends told me to start writing a school magazine or a blog. I knew people in my class wouldn’t be very keen on a magazine (sometimes they act quite crazy) so I thought starting a blog would be better. Later, my friend told my other friend (my neighbour!) that i was going to start a blog. My neighbour lent me a french book called:” WordPress 3″. I find it really interesting and helpful. I chose the WordPress platform because of the beautiful book (that is helping me improve my french too!) and because I just think it’s better than the other ones!.

I have been having ever so much fun writing a blog and even if I don’t have 1000 followers I am happy with my small family of readers.

Yours truly,

Strawberry (subscribe to: if you enjoyed this entry)


Extra information!

  • Do you like the banner? I decided that I’ll use this one instead of the traditional title
  • I changed the entry style a little, let me know if you like it or not in the comments.

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